if i was a robot

Felix the robot

I guess if you wanna get to know me, you should know what kind of music I like to listen to.

I will always love Kid Cudi and B.o.B.

Yes, I am a little bit obsessed.

Hey. :) First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog. It really does mean a lot to me since I love getting blog visitors.

I go by the nickname Felix here.

I'm an extremely sarcastic teenage girl that's currently in her freshmen year of high school. I have many obsessions (which will probably be obvious in my blog entries/blog entries to come).

Top obsessions:
robots, dinosaurs, Kid Cudi, B.o.B., the blogging world, and day dreaming.

I guess I'll give out some of my blogging history.

Some girls from school posted up links to their blogs on myspace, so I went and looked at them. That was how I first learned of blogs---through myspace. Wonderful.

Looking back, I was SO far behind in the internet world. It took me longer than most to learn about myspace, youtube, blogging, etc. Now I can't live without those things, except replace myspace with facebook (although I have a love/hate relationship with fb).

Anyways, I got interested and made a blog of my own at blogspot. I kept it private though and treated it as a diary. I don't know why, but I deleted it. I really wish I hadn't because I want to know what my first blog entry said. I guess that's a question that will haunt me forever.
The first blog I read owned by a serious blogger was Xiaxue. Xiaxue made me see that blogging could be more of a serious thing...that it could even be a job. That surprised me and opened my eyes. I realized that I wanted to blog, but that I also wanted to be semi-serious about it.

It's honestly kind of embarrassing how many blogs I've had. I've made then deleted at least 3, and I have a couple others that I didn't delete but don't blog at anymore. On top of that, I have 2 tumblrs and this blog right here. It's kind of messed up. :P

So far I've had blogs at blogspot, wordpress, and now at weebly. Like I said in my first blog entry here, I'm hoping that this blog will be my permanent one.