if i was a robot

I feel like I'm so distant from the internet world! The laptop that I normally use, which I inherited from my older sister, had a problem with the internet after I tried updating the browser. -.- I've been having to use the family computer for the past few days. I'm typing on it right now. :D

I don't understand why my brother uses this computer. He has his own laptop. Plus it was "repaired" not that long ago. My dad sent my brother's laptop to get fixed, but my dad believes the laptop-fixers didn't actually repair the laptop. He thinks they just sent back a totally new one. Whatever works though I guess, haha.

Why does my brother insist on using this computer?! WHY?! He's very selfish when it comes to his laptop. If I want to use it for one minute, just for a quick google search or something, he yells at me to go away. So while he's on this computer, hogging a bunch of computer time, his laptop is just sitting in his room untouched. Why can't he use his own laptop and let me use this computer? >.< Aiyo, he wastes double the computer time with his selfish and weird ways.

My dad is fixing my sister's old laptop. I guess it's mine now, but I feel weird calling it my laptop. I'm not sure why. :P I don't want to pester my dad every 5 minutes to fix the laptop, but I'm an impatient person! My dad will work on the laptop for a few minutes before getting distracted by something else, and he'll forget about it. I've been hinting at him to continue working on it, but he doesn't catch on. >:O

I want to blog about Friday and yesterday, but I'm gonna wait till the laptop's internet connection is all fixed. I have some pictures I want to upload to my blog.

Blogging is not a good idea if you're using a shared computer and don't want others to know about your blog. I'm using an email to post this blog entry instead of going to blogger.com. Mail2Blogger is awesome. I don't want my parents to look at the visited websites and say, "Oh my! Blogger.com?! A blogging website? Who has a blog?" Plus I don't want to delete the browsing history all the time. That in itself is suspicious. x] And if they caught me blogging, they'd just see me typing up an email which would be a better scenario then them catching me typing on blogger. I could pretend I was emailing a friend or that I was doing homework. :D

I guess that's it for this entry. I feel like I haven't blogged in days when really it's only been ONE day.

I've been eating like such a pig lately. -.- Someone stop me!

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