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I really want to blog a wordy entry and do some blog surfing, but I can't because I have tests to study for.


School is just a vicious cycle for me.

I don't pay attention during class, so when it's time for a test, I study like mad the day before. After the test is done and over with, my brain just chucks away whatever information I just studied in the time span of about two days. This happens every time I have a test.

I really need to improve my studying skills and must work harder or else this slacking off will catch up to me. It already is starting to because high school is so much different from middle school. I thought that I could goof off for the most part during high school like I did in middle school and still get decent grades, but I was WRONG. High school has been a big wake-up call for me.

You just can't get anywhere without some hard work. My middle school days are over, and I need to focus and actually work hard now so that I can get into a good college and then get a good-paying job.

Dammit, thinking about the future freaks me out. It just seems so bleak and sad...we spend part of our lives trying to gain knowledge, which is good, but then we just work our lives away after that. I wanna know how many people in this world are actually happy with their jobs.

Being a little kid is seriously the best. No problems, just a whole lot of energy and carefree days.

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♥♥♥I guess this blog entry was kind of wordy, haha. I got to get what I was thinking off my chest. :)
4/14/2010 03:40:07 pm

you really are same with me! lol. high school subjects are crazy..torturing us like hell.. but high school is fun XD

felix (site owner)
4/14/2010 03:41:30 pm

Haha, it's definitely torture >;P Buuut, I guess high school is pretty fun.


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