if i was a robot

Blogging can kind of be a high at times.

It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I know that some people actually like the stuff I post. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling just knowing that actual people actually visit my sites.

I expected my Save it for a rainy day blog to be completely dead the first days/weeks/months since being made, but somehow people (that I didn't tell to go to it, haha) managed to find it. :D This one guy 'liked' a few of the things I've posted up there so far, and that pretty much made my day because it makes the whole blog feel worth it.

I'm just really excited by my new tumblr. I've been finding really beautiful and inspiring images (and quotes) that I've already lined up in my queue. I can't wait for them to get posted up!


Today's a movie day for me. :D

Here's my snacks for today, haha. I'm a fattie. :D It's basically whatever I could find around the house. We actually have popcorn, but I don''t feel like eating any at the moment. I feel like it's a crime...watching movies without popcorn.

Veggie chips, red vines ♥, gold fish crackers, and tropical tango punch.

Oh, and that's my Chinese homework in the background. -.-
Hey guys. :D I hope life's been going well for you.

I made a new tumblr a couple days ago! This tumblr is different from my other one though. My other tumblr is my personal one where I post whatever's on my mind and reblog whatever I like.

This new tumblr, Save it for a rainy day, is dedicated to photos, quotes, poems, etc. of anything rain-related.

It's definitely different and kind of weird to have a blog that's more "professional", but it's also kind of fun to have a blog that has more specific content.

I'll love you forever if you check out my new tumblr! ♥ I'll love you even more if you follow it (if you have a tumblr of your own that is). ;)

At the moment I'm thinking of posting up two things a day on that blog...I hope I can keep up with it! Right now I have spring break, so I have the time. Once school starts up again, who knows? I'll just try and get a bunch of posts ready and put them in my queue so I can ensure a steady chain of posts. :)


Here's some random photos in my background from that day where I decided to sit outside:

AHAHAHAHA. My pale legs. :(

Part of me wants to become tan. Another part of me wants to embrace my paleness. I don't think it'll be easy getting tan for me though.

White flower thingies :D

This photo makes me realize that I should spend more time in my backyard. It's so pretty.♥


For those that might not know, this means that I get a week off from school.

One glorious week where I don't have to deal with annoying teachers and classmates. One glorious week where I can sleep late and wake up late. One glorious week where I can be glutinous and lazy. One glorious week where I can hang out with friends.

The last one might not work out though, haha. Hammy doesn't have spring break right now...she has it next next week. What the heck! :( Jojo says she's too lazy to go anywhere...WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER. Jk.

If you've been reading my blog, you'd realize that those two are the ones I typically hang out with on the weekends and any other days we have off. I really don't hang out with anyone else, and I don't really want to hang out with anyone else.

The people I hang out with during school and the people I hang out with outside of school are sort of two separate groups. Make sense? (Of course if Hammy, Jojo, and I went to the same school, they'd be in both those categories.)

Well anyways...Regardless of what I do during spring break, it'll be a hell of a lot more fun than being at school.

If you also have spring break or time off from school, hope you have fun. ♥


Yesterday was pretty amazing. This whole week I've been in a "funk" (which is what inspired my last blog entry), but yesterday I actually felt like myself. I hope this lasts. It might have just been spurred by the fact that yesterday was the day before spring break, but whatever the reason, I'm just glad.
I'm blogging again today. :D But this time I'm blogging from outside---in my backyard. I'm sitting on this stone ledge thingy, haha.

The weather's so nice, so I thought I should go out and get fresh air at least once today. Of course I need to bring my computer. -.- I'm so technology-dependent. Oh well, if I'm gonna be on the computer all day, I might as well be outside instead of being boarded up in my room.

I need this escape. :)

It's pretty relaxing, except for this frick'n squeaky-ass bird. It's better than listening to my grandparents talk with their friend though. My grandpa talks way too loud. He uses his "outside voice" all the time. Yes, even inside. Feel free to gasp in horror.

I just heard this really scary sounding noise. It sounded like either a dog or a little kid crying pitifully. o_o It was a really sad sounding cry...like whatever was making the noise was calling out for help. I think I should be concerned.

Oh great, I hear my grandparents. I think they're coming outside with their friend. Whhyyy, what the heck. Why. the. fudge. pops. Right when I come outside, they decide to stop shouting at each other in the living room and want to come outside too? This place is off limits. Nah, just kidding. But whyyyyyyy.

Okay, I'm sorry for this stupid, random, and whiny blog entry. I just felt like blogging while being out here.

My grandma and her friend are looking at the plants in our backyard...

...Okay, now they left.

Hmmm...I should take pictures while out here.
She didn't understand what was going on in her life. She just knew that it didn't feel right.

Everything felt lackluster and dull.

She wondered if anything exciting would ever happen in her life. She wondered why she didn't just go and make something exciting happen...make her life what she wanted it to be instead of idly waiting around for life to do whatever it is it wanted to do for her.

Her lack of passion and drive for anything scared her. She had no clue what she wanted to do or be when she grew up.

It wasn't just with math, science, and all those other academic things that she had no interest in...she really had no interest in anything. She had no motivation.

She sluggishly got through the day and sluggishly went home after school. She went on the computer, did homework, ate, showered, and then went to bed. It was getting increasingly harder to fall asleep though. Her whole boring routine was getting harder to bare.

What was happening to her? What was happening to her life?

Her life had those random good moments though...those moments where she felt like herself and thought, "This is how I used to feel. This is how I want to feel all the time." They were those moments where her smile was genuine; her laugh was real and came from deep down in her chest.

She now mainly just had those moments where she thought, "This is not how I used to feel. This is not how I want to feel all the time."

She felt lost...and all she wanted was for someone to hug her and tell her things would get better.

Walking in the hallways of school was the worst. If she was walking with friends she would feel fine...almost normal. If she was walking by herself, everything just blurred and she felt disconnected from everything.

She was never sure of anything anymore. She hoped that she would be soon though.

Until then, she could wait.




I've been getting spam lately...and my old blog that I shared with Hammy and ALICEPOO recently got spam too. WHYYY?! Why must spammers do this to us?


Today passed by without much interest. All the interesting parts of the day are things I don't feel like getting into. Those are saved for my private blog, haha. :)

Two more frick'n days until Spring Break. I'm excited (well duh). I hope my teachers won't plague the week-long break by assigning lots of homework.


I hate how some people change drastically after they make new friends.

I hate how people forget about the friends they already had once they make new friends.

I hate when people's egos get huge just because they made new friends.

Are you sensing a theme here? Are you sensing my resentment?

So because some people make new friends, they go around changing everything about themselves?! Or is that how they really are, and they were faking how they were with their old group of friends? Either way, there's just some weird stuff going on.

So because some people make new friends, they ditch their old friends and forget about them? Okay, that's cool. People shouldn't forget who was there for them since the beginning. Once you break off a connection, don't expect it to magically reconnect if things don't work out for you. You can't leave people behind and expect them to be there, waiting for you, if you feel like returning.

So because some people make new friends, they let it get to their head? I'm happy that you made new friends, but is that any reason for you to get all cocky? People like that are what Hammy and I fondly call, Goofy Goobers. Basically goofy goobers feed off of attention and new friendships. They think that since new people like them, they must be the most popular thing ever. Right.


We pass each other daily, and we always smile, wave and say hi...but I just stare at you and think, "What happened? Why can't I recognize you anymore?"
Yesterday my friend, who I haven't talked to or seen in years, randomly started chatting with me online. I thought it would be really awkward since it's been so long, but it actually turned out pretty good. :D We almost talked for an hour before he had to sleep (or maybe he just said that because our chat had hit a lull) which is way longer than I thought the conversation would last.

He kind of bragged about himself the whole time though. We pretty much just talked about him and how his life was going. He told me that he's on the football and track team. On the weekends he volunteers at a place where he fixes cars for free. On top of all of that, he's an Honors student.Yay for him.

Nah, it was a good talk...even if he is a little conceited. ;)


I won't go into my day since that's really boring, but today was really good. :) Meeting new people and getting closer with friends.

I have to go do homework now, but I'll leave you all with a lovely picture of a bagel:


Blueberry cream cheese!

Kid Cudi ♥

Most my friends know about my obsession with him. :) He seems like such a cool and laid back person.

I wish I knew more relaxed, laid back people. Everyone around me seems so uptight.
Ugh, so I think the house across the street is having a party or something...I can hear the thumping of loud music being played.

I think the people across the street are new since I never noticed them before, but I never saw moving vans or anything. Who knows though? Maybe I was at school or something when they got settled in.

I know I'm going to sound like some cranky and uptight old person, but the people across the street are irritating. Can they not play their music so loudly? What's the point of overly loud music? To drown out everything so that they can't hear each other speak? I guess that takes care of the awkwardness of having to talk to people.

Plus, their party looks lame. I bet they got the overly loud music to try and give themselves some credibility. I bet in the inside of the house, there's really only 5 people sitting on a couch...guzzling beer and ramming chips into their mouths.

If you're going to make enemies and irritate people, I think you should do it in a big way.

I hope one of our neighbors complains. Pleaseee let at least one of my neighbors be uptight and cranky!


It's now midnight, and I'm craving for some cold milk and cereal. Should I, or should I not? Do I sleep, or do I go for the midnight snack? Hmm...


I took a cheesy quote and added it to a cheesy picture I took! Cheesy ♥

And guess what?! I finally looked up the html code to make a heart. Yay...but now I'll start abusing the use of the heart. ♥

I'll probably end up using it multiple times per entry. It's so cuteee though! I wonder why I didn't bother looking it up before.


I really like this ring that my little sister gave me. I don't know why. It's just so cutesy and girly! I think my sister got it from some jewelry box she bought that came with play jewelry, but I can't understand why rings for little kids would be so big...that's why my sister gave it to me, haha.


My mom and sister went to Claire's yesterday and came back with these for me.

I planned what I was going to wear the next day before they bought those, and the earrings coincidentally matched what I planned to wear. :) I'm not a matchy-matchy person, but I took that as a good sign. I like thinking that coincidences are some sort of prediction or omen rather than just being a random chance.

Today ended up being good---if that means anything.